How We Do It

Solutions by Need

The Practice Growth Institute will craft custom solutions for your practice based on precisely what it needs, and doing that starts when you contact us for a consultation, enroll in one of our Growth Foundation Packages or sign up for a Discovery Day. From there, we’ll start you on the path toward powerful growth and realized goals.


Solutions by phase of practice

Determining what phase of life your practice is in allows our experts to offer advice that’s timely and time-tested. Whether you’re just starting out and looking to grow your practice, ready to expand from one location to several, or operating a fully mature practice network you want to keep running at peak efficiency, we have the solutions to help you reach and exceed your goals.


Big Five

Through our decades of experience in dental consulting and working with other types of practices, we’ve identified several areas of potential improvement that can transform yours. We call them the “Big Five” and from Financial Mastery to Clinical Duplication, we’re ready to share them with you as you strive toward a brighter future.


Request a Consult

At The Practice Growth Institute, our mission is to help you become a thriving, profitable practice. The process starts with a personalized consultation, and kicking things off is as easy as giving us 15 minutes and a bit of information.