Our Philosophy

Gold Standard

As a practitioner, it’s hard to know for certain what your practice does well, how it might struggle and where there may be opportunities for improvement you might not even realize exist. You’re too close to the situation, and for many—your own practice is the only one you have extensive experience with. The Practice Growth Institute has been inside tens of thousands of practices, giving us unmatched insight and in-depth knowledge that lets us quickly assess your practice’s strengths and weaknesses. Then, we put it together in the form of a Gold Standard Assessment that provides you with actionable ways to start improving immediately.


For your practice to be as valuable as possible, be it monetarily or as a resource to your patients, your goal should be to become a “Category of One.” That means transforming your practice into something that overcomes competition by simply rising above it. With The Practice Growth Institute’s help, you’ll perfect your patient experience, keep your pricing models ahead of your peers, avoid complacency and create an overall product offering that defies being copied by others.


Medicine is your area of expertise. Adding the business and operational know-how to turn that skill into a profitable enterprise is ours. As such, The Practice Growth Institute doesn’t ask you to change your clinical approach to treating patients. We wouldn’t dare to. Instead, we focus on everything else, freeing you up to focus your energies on what you do best and what will keep patients coming back again and again.


Practices that put patients first rarely come in second. Instead, they find themselves leading the pack, retaining satisfied patients with ease and attracting new ones through referrals rather than costly marketing. It can be as simple as adjusting the hours in which you’re answering your phones or that the office is open, but 100% of your intention needs to be centered around making your services as fast and simple to access for patients as possible—particularly new patients who you’ve yet to build a relationship with. Start here, and you’ll see growth accelerate almost immediately.

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At The Practice Growth Institute, our mission is to help you become a thriving, profitable practice. The process starts with a personalized consultation, and kicking things off is as easy as giving us 15 minutes and a bit of information.