Owning a private orthodontic practice presents a unique set of challenges. Staying competitive, reaching your goals and finding the right guidance can often be quite demanding. But you don’t have to face these challenges on your own. That’s where The Practice Growth Institute comes in. We’re here to provide you with support and show you how to build a successful practice.


For growth-oriented practices looking to increase size, improve profitability and advance their quality of care, The Practice Growth Institute is the ultimate resource. We’ve helped over 38,000 doctors and team members by training, preparing and guiding them along the path to success in a variety of medical fields. If you see your specialty listed here, contact us for a consultation. If you don’t, contact us anyway. Our time-tested approach spans a wide range of fields, allowing us to seamlessly expand into new territories.


Meet Dr. Brandon, an orthodontist who started his practice from scratch. His journey began with financial struggles, and he was initially unaware of crucial business statistics such as collections and production. However, a friend who was already a member of The Practice Growth Institute (formerly The Scheduling Institute) recommended our services. Dr. Brandon decided to give it a try, viewing it as a last-ditch effort to achieve the growth his friend had experienced. In 2019, he chose to work with us, and it marked a turning point in his practice.

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