Caring for patients is what every successful Doctor, Associate Doctor and Staff Team is passionate about. At The Practice Growth Institute, it’s our job to forge your practice into a well-oiled machine that functions at peak efficiency while maintaining a patient-centric focus that ensures the best possible experience for those you care for. Does putting patients at the forefront result in overall success? Hear for yourself.

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What Doctors say

"We got back our initial investment very quickly. Before even the next training had started. And so, for me, I call this the gift that keeps on giving."

Dr. Amir D. Florida

"You can’t do anything without a good team behind you. I mean, they’re family, they really are. That’s something most people can’t say about their work environment and their team."

Dr. Brandon F. Tennessee

"I mean, we’ve had exponential growth every year. We’ve had over 20% growth every year…for 13 years. "

Dr. Christina K. Ohio

"We started at 5 (team members) and now we’re at 36...and growing. There’s no real way to get to that level without a coach, honestly."

Dr. William C. Flordia

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At The Practice Growth Institute, our mission is to help you become a thriving, profitable practice. The process starts with a personalized consultation, and kicking things off is as easy as giving us 15 minutes and a bit of information.